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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Zazu's Kitchen...

Zazu's kitchen, of Stokes Croft is re-locating up to The Mall in Clifton - I asked Toby the manager why they're leaving, to which he replied, "I'm sick of blood and broken windows." Faiiirrrr enough.


  1. How often does he see blood and broken windows? Pity he's relocating to poncey clifton though - haven't they got enough restaurants already?? Why not just move a bit further up, into Cheltenahm Road area or Montpelier or St Werburghs. Shame on you Toby for deserting what is still an improving area and where good restaurants like Zazus could draw in a different crowd to the usual Crofties and show them that that area is worth supporting!

  2. Zazu's in Clifton has no planning permission. Do they have public liability Insurance on an illegal establishment.

  3. Its a fantastic addition to Clifton Village and judging by its customers its very much enjoyed by a wide range of locals and visitors. Its a tiny place anyway, about 1/20th of the size of Cote oppposite! Furthermore, it was a coffee shop before Zazus came along (and a not very good one!)