Signs have been making businesses stand out from the rest since commerce itself was just a wee nipper. Nowadays, with 99% of signage being designed on a computer and made with vinyl, you can make your business stand out with the human touch, via a Signwriter who is geekishly passionate about letterforms and layout, with just his hands, some brushes and a bit of paint.

Friday, 21 October 2011

My Beautiful Laundrette opening...

My friend Amber took over the laundrette (or launderette if you're a picky shit) on Mina rd, in St Werburghs, Bristol to hold an exhibition of some of her screenprints and illustrations. Last Friday was the launch night and a good time was had by all. Unless you were the large front window, in which case you had a shit time, cos you DIED. My mate Bacon and his heavily refreshed arse are believed to be linked to the crime.
The PVS in the corner stands for the Pre-Vinylite Society - a group of Signwriters - or Sign Painters if you're American (of which most of the group are) - and just letter junkies, all loosely affiliated but brought together by a common, non-vinyl based love of hand made signs. They're having a show in Boston next month, and I wish this job would pay me more so I can go out to see it. 

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