Signs have been making businesses stand out from the rest since commerce itself was just a wee nipper. Nowadays, with 99% of signage being designed on a computer and made with vinyl, you can make your business stand out with the human touch, via a Signwriter who is geekishly passionate about letterforms and layout, with just his hands, some brushes and a bit of paint.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pepenero's, Bristol

So the other week when they were doing this place up before it opened last Saturday - I was sat on my arse by myself, painting all these Italian words on the counter, listening to Hank Williams and getting high on One Shot paint fumes. At about midday, I needed to stretch my limbs (and inhale some oxygen) so got up and all I could see from the counter through the window on to the street was police crime scene tape surrounding the building, where a man had apparently had his throat slashed only twenty minutes earlier, which was nice.  I'd be a shit witness.
This place does great calzones, though.

Monday, 21 November 2011

On a wing and a prayer

 I am currently taking orders for birdhouses - as well as these tasteful beauties that you see on your screen, I can custom make them to your (or actually, your birds') requirements - any colour, design, words etc.  AND for a limited time only, each birdbox ordered before the 20th December comes with a free jacuzzi.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rich in shits and giggles

I will be holding a stall doing lettering and pinstriping on whatever items that folks want to bring me this saturday. Expect lots of tough girls in rollerskates and loads of bikes. Erm, can you say Wank Fantasy?

Friday, 4 November 2011

23 carat gold leaf

Did this last week for a mate's girlfriend Naomi's birthday - she goes by the DJ handle Niami Nice - seemed only right to lay a bit of the nice and shiny stuff over it.  I finished it in the studio on Saturday evening (I can often be found rock and rolling it getting high on paint fumes by myself of a weekend evening) under the strip lights there. But when I came back in the next morning to give it a lick of varnish, the sunlight was sneaking in through the window and the gold leaf was twinkling a treat - something that you'll never be able to get with paint or vinyl.

Pre-vinylite brotherhood

Talented Sign Painter Josh Luke of Best Dressed Signs, Boston is putting together a show which promises to be a stormer - the names on the list read like a who's who of first class paint slingers from over the pond - if you're in the area - GO THERE!!!


Did a bunch of signs for this sitcom thingy that has just started on Sky 1 a while back in the early summer - if you keep 'em peeled, you can spot the Cyril's signs above The Cafe that were amongst the load that I did.  They were loads of fun, as the main of the brief was 'seaside tacky', which, is pretty much me down to a tee.