Signs have been making businesses stand out from the rest since commerce itself was just a wee nipper. Nowadays, with 99% of signage being designed on a computer and made with vinyl, you can make your business stand out with the human touch, via a Signwriter who is geekishly passionate about letterforms and layout, with just his hands, some brushes and a bit of paint.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Progress picture...

 So it turns out jigsawing a company logo isn't so easy with one arm trussed up in  - albeit attractive - fluoro pink plaster. `I've never broken a sodding bone in my life before, until within about 24 hours of my flight to Austria for a skiing trip with my wife and her folks (I married well), I slipped arse over tit over a bollard whilst walking the mutt. I flew out there anyway, but just did the whole apres bit without the activity bit for a week.

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