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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Stag & Hounds, Old Market, Bristol

Did this sign for The Stag & Hounds in Old Market, Brizzle.  'Ere's a bit of extra historical info regarding the site: Pie Poudre is from the French, pied poudres, or dusty feet. A vagabond is called in French pied poudreux. The Pie Poudre courts were an offshoot of the Tolzey or Sheriff's Court and the one at the Stag and Hounds is associated with the September fair in Old Market. It was originally presided over by the Steward of the Tolzey Court until 1835 when the Recorder of Bristol took over. The opening of the court gradually became a cause for drunken festivities and it was suppressed in 1870. The annual proclamation was still read outside the Stag and Hounds until 1973.

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