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Monday, 15 November 2010

MTV cribs...for birds or summink

Also coming up in the birdhouse range will be Goldfinch Jewellery, Fight or Flight Boxing Gym, a church( for Birds of Prayer)...and more! These will all be for sale, people, so getcha self a hand-made, hand-painted one-off birdhouse for the birds in, err, your life. GOING CHEEP! Sorry.
Also, any other cheap ornithilogical punnage greatly welcome. In particular, the name for a gay bar. The best I've come up with so far, is the Tool Nest.


  1. Awesome! These look like theyre gonna be rad.

  2. They look wicked!! I want one :) let u know when they're available x

  3. Thanks you two! Gemma, the ones up now are available now, and I'll put more up as soon as they're done. How are you and Chris doing? What's the goss?